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While working in restaurants I always struggled to find the time, motivation and energy to work out. I suspected that my colleagues faced the same problems and I wanted to create a solution. I wanted to build a pedometer app that also encouraged activity with positive push notification messages to get you moving. I started by asking my friends: what are the biggest problems you're facing in the hospitality industry? Were there recurring themes to their problems? Common concerns surrounded scheduling, maintaining a healthy diet, reducing alcohol intake and staying active. 


I brainstormed how I might be able to help people tackle these problems. There wouldn't be much I could do around scheduling or changing the general nature of shift work, except maybe making a better calendar app. Solving personal eating and drinking habits was also too broad a problem to solve. 

It seemed that fitness motivation and might be an area where I could come up with a solution. I thought of pain points, created personas, and made my assumption. Initially my assumption was that if someone tracks their physical activity, such as number of steps walked in a day, then they will likely be more motivated to modify other behaviors they'd want to change. Additionally, I thought that positive messaging might be the way to encourage this behavior modification.  


Positive push notifications will motivate someone to do physical activity.




User Research

I realized I didn't know much about my target audience's current behavior or their attitude towards working out, creating fitness goals, and most importantly their preference for positive messaging over tough love. I conducted a short survey among my industry colleagues to guide me in what to build. 

Survey questions around messaging

I learned that it can be hard to ask the right questions. I wanted to understand what type of messaging was more motivating for people when they were working out or setting fitness goals. I incorrectly assumed that people who said they preferred "tough love" messaging would also prefer a "no pain no gain!" message. However, it still seemed that people preferred positive messaging. 


I wanted to build a simple pedometer app that tracked your location, recorded walking, running, and cycling activity and sent positive push notifications to get you moving and encourage you to keep moving. 


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Future Direction

This is still a work in progress, next steps are live prototyping and user testing!