Resilient Coders teach at-risk youth coding, equipping them with highly marketable and sought-after skills. Selected students who complete the bootcamp are employed by Resilient Labs.

CHALLENGE | Create an express service price quote platform that provides rich and complex information in a clear and concise manner. Our presentation was awarded first place in the Startup Institute's hackathon. 

SOLUTION | We made a potentially complex process simple and easy to navigate by providing 3 package options.

TIMEFRAME | 24 Hour Hackathon

TEAM | 4 members

ROLE | UX Designer

SCOPE | Competitive Analysis, Personas, Concepting, 


Conversations with Resilient Coders revealed that their past customer base was primarily comprised of small mom & pop business owners and schools. Their customers were not necessarily tech-savvy and might not understand the price structures for specific web features. The aim was to make a potentially complex and complicated process simple and easy to navigate. We brainstormed what the user's needs might be and what we should offer them in a quoting platform. I began by whiteboarding personas, and we chose three types of users: individual, small business owner and large organization.


  • Maria is an individual who is looking for a personal website.
  • Richie's Pizza represented a small business owner looking for a website to drum up local business
  • Enterprise represented a larger organization or business with more complex needs.



Based on each persona, we created a package, each one building on features from the previous package. We wanted to simplify the quote process by creating package options which would include basic features, with the option to add custom options at the end. Creating packages also simplified the price quote process. We gave packages set prices rather than charging by web feature. Our rationale was it made price-quoting easier.




Some of the screens we created for the hackathon presentation.


Moving forward we'd like to interview past and potential customers to understand what they would like to see in a price quote platform. We would perform usability testing and make improvements based on these findings.